In 2017, Shirley Blackstaff had a summer student at the Maritime Museum who occasionally helped out at the sea life centre. Emery Urquhart was interested in the environment and sea life.
"I wanted to add to Emery’s Museum work an interesting project and the idea of a summer sea life festival was born."
 With the support of the Executive Director, Rod Smith, and the LMS Directors the fist Sea Life Festival was created.

LMS Sea Life Celebration:

Hosting a Sea Life Celebration is the perfect opportunity to introduce young people to the magic and wonder of the sea life of the Ladysmith Harbour.

It is a good way to teach our youth about it, inspire them to protect it and allow them to explore how sea life and oceans contribute to all our lives.

This Sea Life event provides hands-on experiences, music, art and sciences activities, games and stories designed to appeal to children of any age.

It is a mid-summer waterfront experience that brings together families and their children at our friendly community marina with educational and fun adventures at the Big Tent, Sea Life Centre, Maritime Museum and on the Harbour Tour boat.

In addition it provides opportunities to enrich and further develop our education programs that serve our communities, to reach out to our communities for their expertise and support and to encourage team work.

Ladysmith Maritime Society

LMS Sealife celebration  is organized by the Ladysmith Maritime Society, a not-for-profit registered charitable organization, established since 1985.

The purpose of the Society is to serve the community by protecting and promoting Ladysmith’s maritime heritage. Core programs include a maritime museum, restoration of heritage boats and the operation of a first class community marina.

Every year the Society's volunteers contribute thousands of hours of their skills, expertise and support to deliver vibrant and educational experiences and to protect and promote public access to the waterfront. Our annual Maritime Festival Season has become a regional attraction. See www.lmsmarina.ca for more on LMS.